Hirscheneck_GospelAccordingToTheDevil. Photo by Xoff

A-Alavi Shows are semi-improvised storytelling performances, which combine different elements from theater, music, and storytelling traditions.

The idea is to create unique experiences which will bring smiles upon your face. 


Our main theme in 2022 is UTOPIA - The perfect place. Accordingly, we proudly present our newest stories:


A minimalistic play about the perfect place structured as a Greek tragedy in 3 acts


City Life

What if cities could take action? 5 stories about 5 cities that just did that: Copenhagen, Basel, Tel Aviv, Prag and London - Music and word


Mr. Tasiman's weird afternoon

A story about a gentleman who remembers everything but he doesn't know it - Music and word


The Magical Fountain and Other Fairy Tales

7 modern fairy tales about a small, beautiful and magical town up in the mountains - Music and word


"The best shows I have seen in a long time, including my own"


"Wow, this is a world class, high level entertainment"



Upcoming Events

  • 29. Sept., 21:00
    Schall und Rauch, Rheingasse 27, 4058 Basel, Switzerland
    A show full of familiar surprises and dancing shoes
  • 21. Dez., 20:00
    Brötz, Carl-erik Hammaréns backe 8, 413 14 Göteborg, Sweden
    A night of predictable surprises, and improvised certainties with music and stories about roads, poisons, beauty and smiles. Karin Johansson (Piano) Nina de Heney (Bass) Henrik Wartel (drums) Amin Alavi (mic)
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