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Roxy Bar

A place to hang, be entertained and be inspired

Our two main rules are:

§1. Everybody has the right to some luxury. Luxury shall represent quality in all its aspects (The Principle of Good-Shiet), be from the nearest source (The Principle of Closeness) at an ok price - being monetary or non-monetary (The Principle of Fun'n'Fair).


§2. The four elements of life: fun, love, respect and enjoyment, shall be incorporated in whatever we do and however we do it (The Principle of Single-Undertaking).

Opening hours

Wednesdays-Saturdays 17.00-24.00


when there is a performance at the Roxy Theater.

You can also rent the bar for your private gathering.

Roxy Bar is dedicated to our beloved friend
Mr. A-Alavi, who comes by sometimes to check
if all is under control.

he has instructed us to offer you deinks, food and entertainment. 
So why not combining your night out at Roxy with a glass of bobble, some nice Antipasti or even a proper home-made dinner before the shows? (contact us for further info)

See our Menu

And our events

AND every Thursday at 19.00 is "Dinner at Roxy" with home-made, inspiring and tasty dinner for CHF 15-20 (depending on what we cook)

For reservation, subscribing to our newsletter: contact us here.

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Our House

Our House

Roxy Birsfelden houses Roxy Theater and Roxy Bar

Roxy Theater has established itself as a place for contemporary performances, dance and plays

Roxy Bar offers drinks, food and events.

And we are proud to be working with the following suppliers:

Our bread is baked by



Our Vodka (Packs) and Gin (Gift) by 



Our other Gin (Modernist) by 

And our Arancello from 

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Our Suppliers
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • 27. Juni 2024, 19:00 – 21:00
    Birsfelden, Muttenzerstrasse 6, 4127 Birsfelden, Switzerland
    Every Thursday, we serve nice "home-made" soul-food dinner at 19.00. The food is gonna be something seasonal, healthy, tasty and at times exotic and experimental - AND sharable. The menu will be announced a couple of days in advance and reservations are recommended.
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