Gospel According to the Devil

The Devil called me and he was bored as hell. So I told him to come over. When he arrived, he told me how he would create the world.

Music is freestyle improvised gospel with a touch of funk

(Duration: app 50 min)

Original Band: Marius Cuenc Cuendet (piano), Jakub Miarczyński (drums), Marc Mezgolits (bass), Niko Seibolt (sax) and A-Alavi

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Trying Not To Forget

In a place ruined by an ever-lasting war and with no end in sight, our protagonist is trying not to forget his memories.


Music is improvised avantgarde rock and Jazz with pop elements

(Duration: 60 min)

Original Band: Marco von Orelli (trumpet), Ben Zahler (flute), Niko Seibold (sax), Philipp Gut (drums), Alon Ben (drums) and A-Alavi

Watch the first chapter: It wasn't always like this.


The Magical Fountain and Other Fairytales

Six brand new fairy-tales about love, laughter and loss.


We play this show as a trio and the music can vary from jazz to rock to improvised music. 

(Duration: app 60 min)

When I first met him, he had three options: To stay and fight, to escape and hide or to end it all.

Sometimes you find yourself in a cross road and you have to choose. The problem is that you don't know what each choice may lead to.


In this interactive show, the audience and the performers, one of whom is performing as a reporter, will pursue three existential choices to the end.


The music is improvised, the stories are inclusive and the set up is  simple .

(Duration: flexible - app. 3 x 40 min)

Original Band: Jakub Miarczyński (percussions), Paula Sanchez (cello), Niko Seibold (sax), Alon Ben (reporting) 

and A-Alavi

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Who is A-Alavi?

Actually to be honest with you, I don’t know much about A. Alavi. All I am sure of is that we almost share the same name: Amin Alavi. That's why we started to talk or in fact, he started to talk. Mostly about himself. The funny thing was that although I could hear the sentences and understood the words, I had no idea what he was talking about.

(40 min solo show)

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So Far So Good

An improvised performance about life, love, death, revenge, sadness and survival in 8 chapters.


Contemporary music and improvisations

(Duration: 50 min)
Band: Paula Sanchez (Cello, voice), Sarah Giger (Travers, voice), and A-Alavi.


10 Old Cubans

A theater piece about 10 strangers in a bar with a lot of drinks.

(Duration: 60  min)

Text: Julia Mall

Instruction: A-Alavi

Variations of Boredom

Each time a story is told, it changes and becomes a different one - sometimes it turns into a drama, sometimes it becomes absurd and other times it dresses up as a comedy.

In this project, A-Alavi Shows experiment with how many different disguises Boredom can have. Or how different boredom can be.

We have performed it as a solo show, with different styles of music and instruments and as a theater - an endless variation of the same text.

This project deals with the very root of a story as a story about a story.

Watch a movie about the story