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The significance of the Couple Rings Set that is unsurpassed The solitaire Solitaire

An assurance of love forever, but also an expression of unconditional love to be given on special occasions

The Solitaire Ring symbolizes the eternal love. It is characterized by one precious stone set in the ring, it is a reliable and long-lasting bond, with a loyal and unconditional love. It is one of three engagement rings that are handed out for marriage proposals as well as other occasions. When was the time when the custom of giving a Solitaire engagement ring begin, what is its deep meaning and what are the other occasions in which to present it?

What is solitaire rings?

As opposed to other engagement ring The Solitaire is characterized by the presence of only one precious stone set in the ring. The stone typically is diamonds and the metal is white gold, but nowadays there are Solitaires embellished with different types of precious stones and metals.

Solitaire Solitaire has two different types of setting with prongs, like the famous Tiffany Setting, in which the stone is positioned in the center of the ring by prongs. The other is a bezel, in which the stone is placed in a flat space.

The most popular cut is the brilliant cut. It's round and can make any stone shine with a bright, luminous light.

The meaning of Solitaire

The Solitaire with diamonds is a symbol for eternal love and a strong bond. It is an examination of fidelity since the presence of a single stone symbolizes an individual love, commitment and the stability of the relationship.

It is a promise to the future, and for this reason it is typically made during the vow of marriage. It is also, due to its round form and its symbolism of eternity.

Stones and metals to create solitaire

The main stone of Solitaire rings is the white diamond, which is a symbol of purity, strength and stability of the bond between two lovers. Typically, they are paired with a brilliant or princess cut and with a round drop or heart shape.

However, currently the choice of stone is also based on other types of precious stones, including colored diamonds, or stones that have different meanings from those of the diamond.

For example there are Solitaires with rubies, which are a symbol of passion, along with sapphires aquamarine and beryl, stones that symbolize fidelity and a happy and stable relationship. It also comes with emeralds which are a symbol of hope, and opals which are a symbol of sincerity.

Zircons are also available to give the Solitaire an even more casual look. They can be adapted to any fashion and style.

The most well-known metal used in the Solitaire setting is white gold. However, modern models are also available in yellow gold, rose silver, gold, or steel depending on the tastes of the person you're giving the Solitaire to.

Solitaire rings have a long history.

Since the beginning of time in Greece and Rome the custom of giving an engagement ring as a sign of that you are committed and to promise love has been around. In this period, the tradition of placing the wedding ring on the left ring finger was also developed.

According to ancient legends the vena Amoris vein is located on the left ring finger. The vein is small and crosses the arm, bringing it to the heart. A ring on the left ring finger is a wonderful sign for the couple. They will remain together for the rest of their lives.

The tradition of giving a solitaire with a diamond dates back to the Renaissance period. The first diamond engagement ring was gifted by Archduke Maximilian in 1477 to his soon-to-be wife Mary of Burgundy. It was a gold ring embellished with one diamond. It was a symbol of love and eternal union.

When to present solitaire rings

The Solitaire is a symbol of love and commitment and is usually given during wedding proposals, as an engagement ring or to commemorate anniversaries or important events in a couple's lives.

However, this doesn't mean that a solitaire cannot be gifted to other occasions or to other people, particularly when you select other stones in addition to the diamond.

A solitaire could be a present for mother and daughter or the gift of someone special or as a way to mark an important event, or the celebration of a milestone reached. There are no restrictions and the most important thing given the significance of the Solitaire is to give it to a person with whom you have an important and indissoluble bond.

Where to wear solitaire rings

If you are giving the ring as a present at the time of the wedding proposal, it should be worn on the left finger of the ring. The ring can be switched to the opposite ring finger following the wedding ceremony to not obscure the wedding ring's brilliance.

If inve the Solitaire was an additional gift, other than the engagement, you can wear it on any finger.


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