Selected Past Projects by A-Alavi


  • Adams Dagbog (Danish)

  • Refleksioner (Danish, English)

  • Månens Minder (Danish)

  • Stimulus - with Daniel Spehr 2017

  • On forgetting and the missings (English) 2018

  • Secrets in a Mirror (English) 2019


Literal installations:

  • The Library (A library of 40 volume sealed books) 2017 - Basel Art

  • The Complete Library (The above mentioned 40 books in one sealed volume) 2017 - Basel Art

  • Once I was an angel (Photo set up) 2018 - Basel Art

  • Let's make your story (Interactive workshop about story-making in 5 stages) 2019



  • Temptations (Ensamble: Sax, cello, pole dance and A-Alavi)

  • 4 love stories and wine - Storytelling

  • Various satirical short videos e.g. How to run an empty bar?

Other projects:

  • My hat has seen ´em all (Installation of a Table, a chair, a cup of coffee and my hat. Slide show of photo collages) 2018

  • Suicide Notes (series of 11 postcards and notes) 2018

  • True friendship contract (Friendship contracts with max 10 people for a year) 2018

  • Thrown away lives (Public installations, photo and text) 2019

  • Missing the points (series of 6 postcards and text) 2019

  • The only guide you will ever need to any given city (Interactive generic travel app for getting lost)2019-2020

  • The Lab (A story bar) 2019-2021